Tour type:



Cashregister Golm at Latschau
5-7 hours
Suitable for dogs
Yes, if they are trained to walk in the mountains
When are we off?
mid June till end September
Catering establishments available?
Depending on the route, bring your own food and drinks
Altimeters uphill
Altimeters downhill

Today we will ad to your pictures teaching a mountaintop. First we let the Cable cart bring us op to the topstation from where we start our hike to the Golmerjoch: our first mountaintop. From there we can see the route we will take to the Kreuzjoch. We will be 1,5 hours on the way to this mountaintop, walking along paths which are not very wide. Throughout the whole day we can see the mountains Zimba,  Saulakopf, Drei Türme and Sulzfluh.


If the conditions suit us, we can also go and check out the Geisspitze. We will arrivé there in about an hour time. The way there is not hard, bt the decent ont the contrary is challenging! Down through the Gauertal we wille arrive at the parking space.