Tour type:



Parking next to Tourist Inforation
2,5 hours
Suitable for dogs
Yes, but some parts on a leash
When are we off?
When do you wanna go?
Catering establishments available?
Yes, coffee and cake-break is planned
Altimeters uphill
Altimeters downhill

Today our startingpoint is the highest village in Montafon; Gargellen.

Not much time to warm up, for the ascent of 200 altimeters starts pretty much immediately. Once we’ve arrived at about 1600meters we will have a pretty easy hike with beautiful views on the village and surrounding mountains. In a romantic scenery of green meadows and the sounds of the murmuring water we’ll find the Alpe with homemade Kuchen. With a little bit of luck, a local plays the Alphorn or accordion.

After this nice break we continue our hike along old settlements and a zig-zag-trail leads us back into the village.

A beautiful hike that combines sweetness with a pleasant amount of effort.