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Gondula station at Silbertal
Suitable for dogs
When are we off?
December - April 2021
Catering establishments available?
no, bring your own food and drinks
Altimeters uphill
Altimeters downhill

Today’s destiny is the top of Muttjöchle in a narrow valley in Montafon: Silbertal. We meet up at the gondola in the village which takes us up for the first altimeters. The ascend starts directly at the topstation, but we’ll take it slowly so you can warm up properly.

We have about 600 altimeters to climb up through a fairytale like landscape which seems like it’s covered with a white blanket. On the wide mountain ridge, we have great views on the skislopes of Hochjoch as well as the Klostertal. Once we’ve arrived at the top there is plenty of time to eat something and have a drink. 

Were you too busy trying to handle your breathing during the way up? Relax, there’s plenty of time to have a look arounddue to the fact that we will be taking the exact same route back.