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Ticket office Ski-lift in Latschau
2,5 hours
Suitable for dogs
Yes, but some parts on a leash
When are we off?
When do you wanna go?
Catering establishments available?
Yes, coffee and cake-break is planned
Altimeters uphill
Altimeters downhill

On this hike we will discover the first segment of the Gauervalley. This valley is surrounded by (not visible) skiing slopes on one side and mountaintop until 2400 meters on the other side. The end of this valley is enclosed by mountaintops with sounding names like Drei Türme and the Sulzfluh at over 2800 meters high.

We will be walking along water, through forrests and meadows to an old farmers settlement. After a ascent of in total 230 altimeters, we can walk relaxed to the place where we can enjoy local and biological dishes.

A beautiful half-dayhike with good accessible trails (not for kid’s strollers or wheel chairs) and little ascent and decent.