If you book a hikingweek(end) in Montafon with us, then you will have a completely unburdened stay in a guesthouse based upon your wishes. All you have to do is come over here and enjoy the mountains carefree. All your questions are being taken care off.

Together we will model your trip. How many hours would you like to walk a day? What kind of hikes do you prefer? Easy-peasy along the meadows to enjoy the views or do you like to be challenged and stand on a mountaintop? In what kind of guesthouse would you like to stay? Breakfast and supper included?

You can choose from a completed guided-hiking weekend to a combination of guided and independent hiking. For the independent hiking tours you get a map and descriptions with tips. With the guided hikes you’ll only have to walk and enjoy 😉

So, plan an active hiking week(end) with your best friend or family. Or change date-night into a weekend and explore new activities with the both of you.

I look forward to your phone call or email so that we can non-binding check out the possibilities.